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How is it that Leading Edge can
deliver when much larger
organizations that may have
performed work for you have

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Profile of an IT Architect

The people at Leading Edge are
our greatest asset.  The following
is a short summary of the experience
of two of our architects.

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Web Site Development

For some a web site is a way to
advertise their services.  For others it becomes an expression of their business.  Portraying your business requires much more effort and creativity.  People have expressed interest in our site.  We have decided to take on a limited number of clients to enable us to maintain the quality of our services.  If you would be interested in Leading Edge designing your site, feel free to contact us.

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ERP Capacity Forecasting Scheduling Process Inst.
Inspection Production Input Barcode Die Repair
Maintenance Management Vendor Rating Quoting Die Shops
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(Systems shown in the gallery are not for sale.  The examples simply demonstrate our capabilities and have all identifying content removed.)

  When a software developer tries to convince you of his ability to deliver software by using the latest industry buzzwords to describe the software that he will use to develop your applications, you might want to consider what it is that you are buying.  Your ability to communicate with your solution provider at the business level reduces the time required to define and monitor a business solution during its development and implementation.  It also insures that the resulting solution will meet and exceed your expectations.

  A good spec for any software project is a must.  Does your software developer possess the business knowledge along with the technical skills to assist you in developing a spec that maximizes technology to automate your business processes?  Even with a good spec, there are hundreds of decisions made by the developer during the development of software as to how to best apply information automation to your business processes.  If you must first train the developer in standard business processes, you are effectively incurring the expense of training someone else's employees.  Afterward he will send you an invoice for YOUR time.  There is not much "out" in that type of outsourcing.


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