Profile of an IT Architect

The people at Leading Edge are our greatest asset.  The following is a
short summary of the experience of two
of our architects.

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Are we a fit for you?

When it comes to defining
expectations, often the kindest
approach one can use is to be

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About Leading Edge IT Architects, LLC

Leading Edge IT Architects was formed to fill the need for a resource
that companies can rely upon to assist them in applying information technology to their business processes to achieve competitive advantage.

How is it that Leading Edge can deliver when much larger organizations that may have performed work for you have not?  Those involved in IT Architecture from Leading Edge are, first of all, high energy business professionals.  Your ability to communicate with your solution provider at the business level reduces the time required and improves the design of the business solution.  These high energy business professionals have acquired the technology skills necessary to orchestrate business solutions.  This combination is the crucial enabler that makes it possible for Leading Edge to design and deploy for you today, what will become the best business practices of tomorrow.  Take a moment and read the profiles of a couple of our architects.  I think you will agree that programming and network specialists have neither the experience nor the vision to help your company achieve the competitive advantages that a Leading Edge IT Architect can.

We are committed to excellence.  A Leading Edge IT Architect does not come to you to sell products or promote our agendas.  He seeks first to understand your vision and the unique requirements of your business. Products are then selected that best match the requirements of the information system design, a design that was created to match your business process requirements.


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