Things you should know

How is it that Leading Edge can
deliver when much larger
organizations that may have
performed work for you have

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Profile of an IT Architect

The people at Leading Edge are
our greatest asset.  The following
is a short summary of experience
of two of our architects.

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Is partnering with Leading Edge IT Architects
the right fit for your company?

When it comes to defining expectations, the kindest approach one can use is to be brutally honest.

An IT Architect from Leading Edge won't come to you with videos and rattling off the latest buzzwords.  They are first and foremost high energy businessmen whose focus is business process improvement.  He is no less likely to recommend removing technologies that are costing you money than he is to recommend integrating cost saving ones.

As our business card states, we are committed to excellence.  There can be a price associated with that for us.  When dealing with a Building Architect, if a compromise cannot be reached between the customer's desires and the integrity of the structure, a Building Architect must refuse to design and build such a structure.  When dealing with a Leading Edge IT Architect, if a compromise cannot be reached between the customer's desires and integrity or efficacy of the information architecture, a Leading Edge IT Architect will refuse to design or implement such a system.  It is a matter of integrity and our policy.  We choose not to be associated with projects that would reflect poorly on the reputation of Leading Edge IT Architects.


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