Cost of poor choices

It has been said that the real cost of
poor information system choices is
not the cost of writing off some very expensive hardware, software, and
training, but rather....

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What's an IT Architect?

A Building Architect listens to the customer's thoughts concerning the building's aesthetics and functionality.
An IT Architect listens to the
customer's thoughts concerning
his business pro.......

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More About Leading Edge IT Architects, LLC

The number one motivator at Leading Edge is our desire to help others.  Our business model does not lend itself to employing slick salesmanship practices, doing a mediocre implementation, and moving on to make the next sale.  Companies cannot derive the full benefit of Leading Edge by simply calling us when they have a problem.  The best way to maximize the benefits that Leading Edge can bring to your company is to leverage them as a strategic partner to help you derive maximum benefit from the technology available.  This is only possible when your information system architecture matches the requirements of your business processes.

Our business card was not hastily conceived.  The front of the card encapsulates our mission with these words, "Helping businesses achieve competitive advantage through Information Technology." The reverse side of the card encapsulates our heart and our culture in the words, "Founded upon faith in God, Enabled by gifted employees, Committed to excellence, Motivated by the desire to help others, Sustained by loyal customers."  These words serve not only to project our culture, but they also serve as visible reminder to guide us in our day-to-day interaction with customers and employees.   The services list areas within the company that we leverage in support of business solutions.

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