What's an IT Architect?

A Building Architect listens to the
customer's thoughts concerning the building's aesthetics and functionality.
An IT Architect listens to the
customerís thoughts concerning
his business pro.......

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Is your network something that
you take for granted or is it a topic
in business meetings and hallway conversations? Leading Edge can assist
you to develop and implement a network strategy that........

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New Products

Are you still trying to manage your
401K contributions with a spreadsheet?
The 401K Integrator provides the missing link between payroll systems and your
401K fund manager.  It has proven itself
by running in businesses like yours for
more than 2 years.......

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  Manufacturing Consulting

  Are your IT consultants focused on helping you achieve competitive
  advantage by applying technology to your business processes or are they
  focused on adjusting your business processes to fit a software package?
  Do they have the industry knowledge necessary to develop and implement a
  technology plan that automates business processes in the areas where your
  company makes its money, or.........

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System Integration

Is your company getting closer
and closer to paperless system?  A
well designed and well integrated
information system that is oriented on
your business processes is a key requirement for achieving competitive advantage, and will greatly reduce the amount of paper that you generate to run your business......

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Software Development

When a software
developer tries to convince
you of his ability to deliver
software by using the industry's latest buzzwords, you might
want to think about what it is that
you are buying.  Your ability to
communicate with your solution
provider at the business level......

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