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System Integration

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Software Development Continued......

  Our IT Architects have twice created integrated ERP solutions for repetitive manufacturing.  They have worked at tier one automotive suppliers.  The systems included finite scheduling, barcode systems, intelligent shop floor systems that include process instructions, integrated Quality Assurance, machine counter interfaces, tooling maintenance, and equipment maintenance.  They have also constructed similar systems uniquely tailored to the tooling industry.  This same
prolific group has been responsible for the development of the commercial product, "The 401K Integrator".  The Integrator has been in the field with test clients for over two years and is now available as a commercial product.  Other products will be appearing soon.  Why not take a moment to read the profiles of a couple of our IT Architects?  Then ask yourself, do I need a programmer, or do I need an IT Architect for this project?  We encourage you to answer that question for yourself by clicking on the ERP thumbnail on page one and pressing the next button to tour some of the applications that we have authored. 
   The pictures and explanations in the gallery will prove to you that the IT Architects at Leading Edge are not only high energy businessmen, but also masters in applying technology to business processes.  What you have seen there is well outside the capabilities of all but a small handful people.  The ERP systems that we have authored for repetitive manufacturing automotive suppliers exceed the power and ease of use of any on the market today.  Some of what you have seen in the gallery have run for more than ten years.  Our capabilities and ideas for automating business processes has only grown with time.
   There is a big difference between well said and well done.  At Leading Edge, the only measure of success is what our customers think.   Why not ask those who have experienced the Leading Edge commitment to excellence?

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