Software Development

When a software developer
tries to convince you of his ability
to deliver software by using the
industry's latest buzzwords, you
might want.....

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"I love technology when it saves
me time and error proofs my work.
The 401K Integrator takes my files
from the payroll system and puts them
into a format that fits with Putnam's administration system.  I simply import
the files, scan for any housekeeping
issues, and then send it on its way to
Putnam. It's just that easy."  Jim Sala -
Accounting; Ridgeview Industries.

Future Products

An ERP package targeted specifically
at repetitive manufacturing automotive suppliers.  Our IT Architects have written two such packages in the past.  If your company would like to have a pioneer role in shaping ... Read more

A Tool & Die package that matches the unique business processes of this industry.  Our IT Architects have worked in all phases of the Tool & Die industry for years.  If your company would like to have a pioneer role in shaping ... Read more

Our Products......

How do you interface with your 401K plan administrator?
The 401K Integrator provides the missing link between payroll systems and your 401K fund manager. It has proven itself by running in businesses like yours for almost 2 years. The 401K Integrator is an intelligent, highly sophisticated program that provides the following advantages:

   A parameter screen guides you though the steps necessary to configure "The Integrator" to match your company's 401K plan.

   Thoroughly checks the payroll information imported from the accounting system for errors and completeness and reports errors with their explanations.

   Automatically tracks participant eligibility according to the details of your plan.

   Sends the required information to setup participants prior to them becoming eligible to enable them to setup their selections before they become eligible to contribute.

   Automatically enrolls participants according to your plan parameters.

   Tracks employee contributions as discrete amounts and year-to-date.


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