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   Calculates employer match based on plan specifications.

   Tracks 401K loan information.

   Enforces hardship withdrawal waiting periods.

   Sends participant termination notification after the last contribution is made so that funds can be released.

   Sophisticated error checking is performed on data received from the payroll system to ensure its completeness, that it does not violate the requirements of the plan, and that the resulting information will be acceptable to the fund manager's host computer.  Violations are logged as well as the source and actions required to remedy them.

   Detailed reports enable local administrators to verify that the batch generated by The Integrator matches the totals projected by the payroll system.

   After the batch is successfully sent, the period record is stamped with the current date. If the batch is later resent, the date of the latest resend is tracked in addition to the original send.

   A full snapshot of information is retained for each participant, for each period, organized by plan year.

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