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How is it that Leading Edge can
deliver when much larger
organizations that may have
performed work for you have

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Profile of an IT Architect

The people at Leading Edge are
our greatest asset.  The following
is a short summary of the experience
of two of our architects.

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The cost of living with poor choices.......

It has been said that the real cost of poor information system choices is not the cost of writing off some very expensive hardware, software, and training, but rather the cost of living with poor choices.

What does a poor choice look like?  In the initial phase the problems will be attributed to adjusting to a new system.  The disillusionment phase follows for those who need to use the system as part of their day-to-day work.  Finally, expectations sink to the level of the information system.  This phase will continue until market pressures dictate change.  The connection is seldom made between the current situation and earlier choices for a couple of reasons.  First, while a poor information system architecture requires people to employ inefficient practices at the job level, it is not something the company can control.  Thus organizational inefficiencies attributable to the design of the information system are seldom considered.  Secondly, there are incentives to not make the connection.  Especially in the short term, "connecting the dots" is too painful.

In contrast, an investment in a well architected information system is
one of the best investments that a company can make.  It returns many times its investment in cost savings and competitive advantage.  A well architected information system produces immediate benefits as well as long term benefits.  Expectations rise to the level of the information system capabilities.  As time progresses, people continue to find new


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