What's an IT Architect?

  A Building Architect listens to the customer's thoughts concerning the building's aesthetics and functionality.
An IT Architect listens to the
customer's thoughts concerning
his business pro.......

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Things you should know

How is it that Leading Edge can
deliver when much larger
organizations that may have
performed work for you have

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  Is your network performance and reliability something that you take for granted, or is it a topic for business meetings and hallway conversations?  Leading Edge IT Architects can assist you to develop and implement a network strategy that centers on your business processes.  Leading Edge IT Architects are networking strategists.  Today, digital networks no longer simply connect computers.  Networks have become the preferred pathway for telephones, alarm systems, video conferencing, and multi-media training.  By involving Leading Edge IT Architects early in building projects, they can assist you in the design of a network infrastructure that will have a long life cycle and require little maintenance.  We can assist you with wiring, switches, routers, firewalls, internal and external fiber runs, and microwave.   We are also skilled in  troubleshooting network traffic problems and performing packet level analysis.  We have experience in installing and deploying microwave communication systems between facilities.  When necessary, we have designed and fabricated electronic components when no commercial solutions were available.  We also have in experience working with municipalities to obtain right-of-ways when required.


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