What's an IT Architect?

  A Building Architect listens to the customer's thoughts concerning the building's aesthetics and functionality.
An IT Architect listens to the
customerís thoughts concerning
his business pro.......

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Manufacturing Consulting

Are your IT consultants focused
on helping you achieve competitive
advantage by applying technology
to your business processes or.....

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Is your company getting closer and closer to paperless system?  A well designed and well integrated information system that is oriented around your business processes is a key requirement for achieving competitive advantage, and it will greatly reduce the amount of paper that you generate to run your business

Systems integration is one of our most requested services.  Large commercial software packages that advertise having a large installed base, fully integrated, and the answer to what you need to manage your business, cannot deliver on their promise.  Because large commercial programs must be designed generically to appeal to their large customer base, they cannot incorporate technologies that are specific to your business.  Organizations often find themselves needing many add-on programs.  These large commercial software vendors often have mutually beneficial alliances that leverage the influence of the main vendor to purchase from one of them.  However, after they purchase these add-on programs, they often find that even these products are not well integrated, do not have the complete functionality that they require, or do not provide the functionality in an efficient, user-friendly manner.  Less reliable human and paper systems fill the gap between the information system and business processes.  Thus, the single integrated solution that the customer thought he was buying eludes him.  Leading Edge has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you.


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