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Manufacturing Consulting

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The people at Leading Edge are our greatest asset.  The following is
a short summary of experience of two of our architects.

Brian Cooper

  Brian has been part owner and general manager for a tool and die facility serving the automotive market with annual sales of ten million dollars.  Brian has been writing custom software for business applications for ten years.  His initiation to software development was born out of the need for practical business software applications that solved specific business problems in his own companies.  He has been writing software full time for the last five years and brings practical, insightful business experience to the software development process.  You can be sure that the software written will solve real world business problems for your company.  Brian's strengths include focus, problem analysis, and logical practical solutions that automate business processes. 

Brian has been involved with starting, managing, and troubleshooting small businesses for 20 years.  Brian established Cooper Aviation Corporation in the early 80's to design and manufacture electromechanical devices for the military aviation market.  He competed directly with the original manufacturer and specialized in sole source breakouts.  Some of his products included control sticks for everything from the Cobra helicopter to the F16 as well as switch components for the M1 tank.  Brian also has experience in commercial real estate development and has done an extensive amount of work with non-profit entities.  Brian has been the chief operating officer of a Christian radio station in the Caribbean for the last ten years.

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