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When it comes to defining
expectations, often the kindest
approach one can use is to be

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Software Development

When a software developer
tries to convince you of his ability
to deliver software by using the
industry's latest buzzwords, you
might want.....

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The people at Leading Edge are our greatest asset.  The following is
a short summary of experience of two of our architects.

Jack is able to perform packet analysis to determine the source of network problems.  He understands the threats against today's
business networks.  Jack knows how to draft standards-compliant security policies, and how to implement protection solutions.  He has installed microwave communications systems.  He has designed and constructed electronic components when no commercial solutions were available.  Jack has also started, trained, and managed a CNC department as well. He is a journeyman die maker.  Prior to this Jack
was a military pilot for 5 years and is rated in both airplanes and helicopters.  He separated after attaining the rank of Captain.  During
his tour of duty he was also trained in aircraft maintenance and held the position of Communications Security Officer.

Jack can be characterized as highly competent, high energy, always delivers, and always exceeds expectations.  He expects a lot of himself and those who work with him.  He has mastered the art of exploiting the synergistic power of a group with his informal brainstorming sessions.  Those who have worked with him report that he is fun to work with, and they always learn a lot.  One of the aspects that he enjoys most about his profession is the opportunity to train and mentor others.  He is constantly researching new technologies and devising innovative ways to leverage them for business advantage.

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