What's an IT Architect?

  A Building Architect listens to the customer's thoughts concerning the building's aesthetics and functionality.
An IT Architect listens to the
customer's thoughts concerning
his business pro.......

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Is your network something that
you take for granted or is it a topic
in business meetings and hallway conversations? Leading Edge can assist
you to develop and implement a network strategy that........

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Our Products Continued......

   A copy of each batch sent is retained in the database for future reference should any questions arise about the format or contents of
any batch sent.  A search facility as well as interpreter to display the batch in a man-readable format is included.

   Communications with the fund manager's computer is built into the program.  There is no need to buy additional confusing communications programs required to transmit data to fund managers who require dialup access.*

Currently, we interface with Putnam Investments.  We have native interfaces to Abra Payroll, and MAS 90.  We are currently working on a .CSV file interface and will be looking at other native interfaces as well such as QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree, Business Works, MYOB, as well as other higher end accounting packages.

For more information call : (616)890-3773 or email us at:

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*Note: A controller-based modem is required for proper operation with Putnam Investments mainframe computers.  Non-controller-based modems/Winmodems that normally ship with today's PCs will not work.  US Robotics makes a series of controller-based modems that can be used to interface with Putnam Investment's mainframe computers.  A controller-based modem will cost approximately $100.  Let us know if you would like us to supply a compatible modem with your order.

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